On Stage With the Mighty Hieroglyphics.

Hieroglyphics live at the Observatory Live at the Observatory in Santa Ana, California.

The Observatory and Out The House Productions bring together another classic event featuring the Hieroglyphics. I got to the venue about an hour before Hiero took the stage. I’ve been to the Observatory plenty of times; it is one of the premier venues to catch live entertainment, especially Hiphop!  

Heiro Live at the Observatory Tonight I had access to shoot photo’s from just about anywhere. That was extremely cool of the Observatory to allow me.

Hiero live at the Observatory Collectively the Hieroglyphics have been together since 1997. That’s about 17 years strong as a unit. The Hieroglyphics are Souls of Mischief, Del The Funky Homosapien, Casual, Pep Love, Domino and DJ Toure. Hiero live at the Observatory Hieroglyphics live at the Observatory Pep Love taking a well deserved water break before getting ready to rock “You Never Knew” from their classic debut “3rd Eye Vision. There was also a bottle of Patron which the crew was enjoying. Good times.  Hieroglyphics live at the Observatory DJ Toure & the Hieroglyphics acknowledge the crowd for their great energy. The venue was packed and respectfully so…The Mighty Hieroglyphics were in the building. Stay connected with the Hieroglyphics at www.hieroglyphics.com.Thank you to the Observatory for all access. For event calendar and information on the Observatory please visit www.observatoryoc.com.

MaiSelph2mexFlown broadcasting live form 'Breakbeats & Rhymes' 2MEX x MaiSelph x Flown broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ during daylight savings? Huh?..Each year during that manufactured time change, we lose half the show. Time shifts from 2AM to 3AM, which leaves us with only 1 hour. Call it a sign from the Gods or just plain old coincidence, this was the night 2MEX x MaiSelph were to debut music from their album ‘Like Farther Like Sun’ which somewhat defines a change in time or shift in conciseness. Whatever it was, it’ was a the perfect time for this ‘farther, sun’ combo to bless the airwaves. MaiSelph2mexFlown 3 broadcasting live form 'Breakbeats & Rhymes'

2MEX dropped some personal gems, which included a story during DJ Rob One’s funeral, where Rakaa Iriscience placed a copy of the cassette tape, Dilated Peoples ‘The Platform’ in Rob One’s casket. That’s pretty incredible, and symbolically — it tells you a lot. Oh, he also dropped some gems on driving around the Fugees and Big L throughout Los Angeles….now that’s a hiphop story!

SoulKing live 2 on 'Breakbeats & Rhymes' Soul King broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ with, ‘intellectual violence.’ I was originally introduced to the Barber Shop MC ‘SK’ by DJ Resident a few years. Resident was like, ‘yo you gotta get Soul King on the show son!’ Since then, we’ve had SK a few times; and each session has been food for thought, word up. SoulKing live on 'Breakbeats & Rhymes' During our interview with Soul King, we played a joint live on air which called ‘The Wop.’ It’s definitely a Breakbeats & Rhymes favorite. We also shot a video for the track in which the hook repeats — ‘I represent intellectual violence, I represent intellectual violence, I represent intellectual violence.’ Peace to Soul king, and Tabernacle God Born Allah for blessing another session of ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes.’

ImmortalTech live from Breakbeats & Rhymes 5 Immortal Technique broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ during the middle passage. We recently had Lord Finesse on the show. We talked about rappers who’ve established ‘cult’ followings as independent artists. Immortal Technique was 1 of 3 names mentioned by Finesse in pure admiration.

ImmortalTech live from Breakbeats & Rhymes 3

Immortal Technique is globally known for his ‘self described,’ revolutionary music. It’s a signature sound that’s naturally transformed him from rapper to leader. No matter where you travel on planet earth, you will have your hardcore Immortal Technique heads.

Technique is also part creating the Amin Institute; an orphanage, medical and learning facility for the children Afghanistan. That’s amazing — and truly Revolutionary.

Reverie broadcasting live from 'Breakbeats & Rhymes

Reverie Reverie is in transition from being an LA artist — to becoming one of the voices of this generation. Rev’s music radiates a personal journey that seems to naturally connect with her audience. ‘The Transition’ is the latest release and it has lots of honest material that will allow you to drift the mind of Reverie. The hustle is on point and the brand is building stronger each day. Artists who are self-sufficient, confident and active will stay in the game. That’s what Reverie is. Reverie broadcasting live from 'Breakbeats & Rhymes

Ah one last thing — Don’t tell Reverie she’s good for a female MC, that’s that sh*t she don’t like! Also check out

‘The Transition’ from Reverie right here. 
DJ Lord Ron broadcasting live from Breakbbeats & Rhymes
DJ Lord Ron broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ is one of the few people on earth who’s made original music with ‘Guru of the Legendary Gangstarr.  Ron is a big reason why the show runs so smooth. Catch him live in the mix each week on ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ dropping fresh raps & classic cuts. Lord Ron is extra nice on the production tip too. Stay connect at www.djlordron.com

Jeru The Damaja (1) live on Brekabeats & Rhymes

Jeru The Damaja broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ enjoying that Califorina Love. Alright, Here we go…D.Original, Dirty Rotten Scoundrel, Monko Sansei, Black Prophet — blessed the airwaves while being in town for the ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ 3 year get-down. There’s a lot of artists we know, but none of them rock like Jeru.

Jeru The Damaja live on Brekabeats & Rhymes

Jeru The Damaja (2) live on Brekabeats & Rhymes

We did a 10 city tour with him and Zoolay in 2012 and learned that Jeru is comedy! He can clown so you better have your bars up. It was an honor to have him on air — Jeru is our brother and we will rock with him soon! Shout out to all the goons rocking with us that night. Zoolay, Ralph M, Lord Ron, Buttonpusha, Esco, Jeru, Stephan, DJ Ice, Rebels To The Grain, Joni, Sacrifice, Beat Bop Scholar and Leggo all looking fresh in this flick!

Deltron live on Breakbeats & Rhymes

Deltron 3030: Dan The Automator & Del The Funkyhomosapien: broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ with some positive contact. When we dropped this interview, our social media feeds went wild son, with good reason of-course.  I mean…how often does one get the chance to sit and chop it up with two of the most innovative minds in music: the incredible Del & Dan of Deltron 3030

Deltron live on Breakbeats & Rhymes 2

Right before this inteview they were to rock a show accompanied by an entire orchestra in front of 20,000 people. Take a minute to digest that…Not to mention the great Kid Koala on the turntables.

Deltron3030withRTTG Del and Dan were mad cool to chop it up it with. You can tell they both enjoy kicking it with each other too. That’s a big reason why the music radiates that greatnes. Originality and chemistry are key.  Enjoy the journey with Del The Funkyhomosapien & Dan The Automator of Deltron 3030.

Rakaa Live on Breakbeats & Rhymes Rakaa Iriscience broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ as the Crown of Thorns. We’ve been doing the show for a minute now. We’ve chopped it up with a lot folks, word! Rakaa is one of the coolest, without a doubt. We’ve known him for a minute, and we’ve seen the natural progression of what started on the Platform is still standing on strong foundation.

Rakaa Live on Breakbeats & Rhymes 2

Rakaa came to ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ and blessed us with some ILL bars off the top. He also dropped gems on the classic, Dilated Peoples. Rakaa also joined us on the upcoming ‘Rebels To The Grian is Stuckinthetrees’ album with a crazy nice verse — oh yah, Dr.OOP is on that track too. (Damn Gina!!) — Peace to our bruv’ Rak!

Esco broadcasting live from Breakbeats & Rhymes

Esco The God broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ rockin the ‘Classic Crewneck’ in black. Esco is the voice behind’Beatbop Scholar Trying to make a dollar.’ He used to drive a large van that carried around dead people. He no longer does that, or does he…Catch The God live on ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ one time for your mind.

Aceyalone live from Breakbeats & Rhymes

Aceyalone broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ during 18 years of Project Blowed. When Acey is in studio we always open up the mic and let the Freestyle Fellowshop OG get busy. Acey the ace man has been on the show multiple times, dropping gems as one of the most legendary MC’s we’ve seen.

Lord Finesse & Percee P broadcasting live from Breakbeats & Rhymes

Lord Finesse & Percee P broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ just in time for Hiphop history month. This interview documents 25 years of battle rap history between these two legends. Percee P is family, thats our dude! We were blessed and happy as hell when he wanted Rebels To The Grain | Breakbeats & Rhymes to document this classic interview.
Lord Finesse & Percee P (1) broadcasting live from Breakbeats & Rhymes
Lord Finesse is a super legend who has produced incredible records. Check the resume! Before you do that, check this video that will be considered a classic. Word up son. A conversation with Lord Finesse & Percee P.

s & Rhymes1 Evidence broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ with his cats and dogs. For those of you who’ve followed Rebels To The Grain over the years, know that we got mad love for Dilated Peoples. We’ve learned a lot about them personally — and as artists.

Ev live on Breakbeats & Rhymes2 Evidence is now teamed with Rhyme Sayers, and building the EV brand. If you haven’t heard his music but still know about him, it makes sense. — he’s also a beast on Instagram. But you already knew that! EV was mad cool to chop it up with — Big up to the entire Dilated family and be on the look out for the upcoming, ‘Directors of Photography’.’

Phora live on Breakbeats & Rhymes (2)

Phora broadcasting live on ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ enjoying that California shine.  We’ve had a lot of guests in studio…none gets more attention then Phora does. Our twitter feeds blowup whenever he’s in studio.  Phora is mad young, has his business on point, shows loves to his supporters,  and makes great Hiphop!

Phora live on Breakbeats & Rhymes

Phora broadcasting live from Breakbeats & Rhymes (1)

His single ‘To Each Is Own’ was in our top 5 tracks of 2012.  The production and vocal blends in this track are point yo! Check it out and you’ll hear why. We are thankful to him for rocking our 3 year anniversary concert too, the kid gets busy on the mic. Still A Kid is the album you need to check for. I can’t remember hearing a project like this since….? Much love to Phora, you’ll be hearing his music on ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ for years.


CrayzWalzliveonBreakbeats & Rhymes C-Rayz Walz broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ using only his mind — DJ Lord Ron has a some cool friends. One of them include an individual who can freestyle an entire 30 minute interview. What does that mean? DJlordronliveon Breakbreats & Rhymes It’s means — i’d ask Rayz a question like ‘How is the progress of your label Sun Cycle?’ His response would be in the form of rhymes, straight freestlye. Now thats confidence as a rapper. We also had to open the mics and let Walz do his thing.

Crayz live on Breakbeats & Rhymes

Check C-Rayz on ‘Concrete Bars’ from ‘Environmental Shape Sounds of DJ Lord Ron’ That track is mad nice. Enjoy this video of Ron dropping gems for C-Rayz live on ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes.’

TheGoons live on Breakbeats & Rhymes Breakbeats & Rhymes up on the 36 Chambers with Rebels To The Grain, Zoolay, Leggo, ButtonPusha, Da Blenda, Sacrifice, DJ Lord Ron & ‘Esco.’ Tristate broadcasting live from 'Breakbeats & Rhymes'

TriState broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ holding the mic like a General Monk! Tri is mad cool everytime we connect with him. The brother gets live on the mic device, as you can see right here.

Leggo broadcasting live from Breakbeats & Rhymes

Leggo broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ rockin the Classic Crewneck in grey. Leggo is our friendly neighborhood farmer, he stays Stuckinthetrees.

JohnRobinson 1 live on Brekabeats & Rhymes JohnRobinson & DJ Lord Ron live on Brekabeats & Rhymes

John Robinson (JR) broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ dropping Scienz of Life for listeners. I first heard JR on the Lyricist Lounge album getting down on the freestyle tip. He went by Lil Sci’ at that time.JohnRobinson live on Brekabeats & Rhymes
Like Guru says ‘it’s mostly the voice.’ Thats what JR has! Combine that with a catalog of timeless material and vegan way of life, I say this kid is dropping mad Scienz! You gotta check out JR’s gems with DJ Lord Ron. Oh yeah, dude is also  a crazy jazz head. By that, I mean, you don’t know Jazz like JR! 
BeatBopScholar broadcasting live from Breakbeats & Rhymes
Beat Bop Scholar broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ and still trying to make a dollar. — You know that one dude who from Belgium? How bout that one cat who’s always buying records from the Beat Swap Meet? How bout the dude who can’t get into 21+ clubs but can tell you evolution of what we call, Hiphop. Meet, the Beat Bop Scholar. He’s one of a kind. This guy is like a freaking Hiphop genius. He’s stands at 6’4 and claims he could hoop it up. That is yet to be determined, ha! The Scholar does get down on the beats tho — check his debut album ‘Authentic Minded’ is a raw bounce pass from Tim Hardaway when he balled with the Warriors. Peace to the Scholar.


Rebels Live from BBR Rebels To The Grain broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ about to get Stuckinthetrees son.

RhymeAddictslivefromBBR XP & ILLWERD broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ as Sandpaper Smooth. We’ve been down with these cats for an ill minute. They are the ones who never quit, or took breaks. They get down with a unit called, Rhyme Addicts with 3rd member I-Suppose. SlumTheResidentandRhymeAddictsliveonBBR Their latest project ‘Sandpaper Smooth 2.0′ is hosted by Snoop. That’s pretty damn cool — it’s also available for free download at http://www.rhymeaddicts.com. It’s Heat! Oh — these brothers are the ones who created the ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ theme song. That’s family — Word up. Slum The Resident live from Breakbeats & Rhymes

Slum The Resident broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ with his version of c.r.e.a.m. – The first time I saw Slum was via Cypher Effect. Each video I thought his bars were some of the betters ones. Esco’s been in contact with him too, and he’s really the one who put us on game with Slum’s music. The boy got bars! Support the kid when he drops his gems.

ZZYZZX live on Breakbeats & Rhymes

The ZZYZZX (Cazal Organism & Mellow Man Ace) broadcasting live on ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ with some Delicious Vinyl. Cazal and Mellow and father/son combo making heavy noise worldwide.

ZZYZZX (1) live on Breakbeats & Rhymes

Mellow Man being a legend in this here rap game has dropped powerful gems on Cazal who’s now made a name for himself as a beast on the SP-404! Check out this video of him wrecking shop!

MrBrady broadcasting live from Breakbeats & Rhymes

MrBrady (1) broadcasting live from Breakbeats & Rhymes

Mr.Brady broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ being Deep Rooted. If you’ve been involved in the rap scene, chances are you’ve heard his name. He’s mad chill and his material speaks for itself.He produced an entire project with LMNO and did a banger with Dannu called ‘Pineapple.’ Stay updated with Mr.Brady and his taco shop philohophy.


2mex broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ with some audible angels. — Alex has been on the show a few times, and each time session he drops gems about his classic crew, Visionaries — he also drops gems on one of the nicest to rock, his close friend, DJ Rob One (R.I.P.) This picture right here is Alex working the boards while listening to his track live on air.  He is no doubt, one of the definitions of Los Angeles Hiphop. Word up.

ButtonPusha broadcasting live from 'Breakbeats & Rhymes'

Buttonpusha (BP) broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ with two turntables and a mic…plus a grip of cassette tapes! He’s been down with us since day one. Musically he’s known for producing gems for his group ‘BP & ODDS.’ You need to visit their catalog….BP is also part of Strictly Cassette, the biggest thing for Hiphop since ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ (HA!) Oh yah, B also made the  classic ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ logo. Much respect and ongoing support for our brother Buttonpusha and family at www.strictlycassette.com

Awar & Robust broadcasting live from Breakbeats & Rhymes

Awar & Robust broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ living that tour life. The NY & Chi-Town MC’s stopped by the show to chop it up while being on the road.

AFS live on Breakbeats & Rhymes

A-FS broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ with rawest voice you’ve heard! A-FS is the foundation for Preserving The Culture, check em’ out. DJ Lord Ron also gets in the mix with PTC dropping those fresh raps and classic cuts.

Rebels To The Grain live from Breakbeats & Rhymes

Rebels To The Grain broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ rockin those fresh threads. 
DaBlenda broadcasting live from 'Breakbeats & Rhymes
Da Blenda broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ rocking the classic green ‘T’ throwing up a peace sign.
VelTheWonder (1) broadcasting live from Breakbeats & Rhymes
Vel The Wonder broadcasting live from ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes’ bringing that Lizzy Love. Vel is one of the chosen few — one of the freshest MC’s on the planet earth.  Ignore the fact that she is mad pretty (I mean maaaaaad pretty.) She’s Incredible with the mic device.

VelTheWonder broadcasting live from Breakbeats & Rhymes

We often ask our guest if they’d prefer to do songs live on air rather then just play the track. Vel was down to do all her songs live and she rocked that sh*t!. Check this fly video of Vel catching wreck at ‘Breakbeats & Rhymes.’

Chamber Records broadcasting live from Breakbeats & Rhymes StuckinthetreesChamber Records broadcasting live from Breakbeats & Rhymes Damu The Fudgemonk broadcasting live on Breakbeats & RhymesSlum The Resident & Eyekon broadcasting live from Breakbeats & RhymesDamu The Fudgemonk & Buttonpusha live on Breakbeats & RhymesVel The Wonder x Herbalistics x Revolutionary Rhythm live on Breakbeats & Rhymes baka2 bakaboys